La madre del niño Gabriel Cruz comparecerá el día 11 en el Senado por la posible grabación de una serie sobre su hijo

La madre del niño Gabriel Cruz comparecerá el día 11 en el Senado por la posible grabación de una serie sobre su hijo

Patricia Ramírez, the mother of the murdered boy Gabriel Cruz by her father’s then partner, Ana Julia Quezada, is planning to appear at the Senate on June 11 to expose the alleged «irregularities» that, according to her, occurred at the Brieva prison (Ávila) for allegedly recording a series or documentary about her son with the participation of the convicted woman.

The appearance, scheduled for 11:00 a.m., is part of the initiative announced by the mother of the child, who announced on May 11 her intention to lead a legal battle to stop the alleged occurrence of this «real crime» after having clues that Ana Julia Quezada had a cell phone and had communicated with journalists to film the documentary from the prison.

According to a statement, during her intervention she intends to make known the «continuous violations of the victim’s condition both by action and omission» and the alleged «irregularities» in the Ávila prison and in the prison institutions. She will also report, as she advanced, on the legal actions taken and her complaints regarding «various criminal acts.»

Patricia Ramírez will also request a series of «urgent measures» to investigate the facts and «clarify responsibilities» as well as to «resolve her economic situation in the interest of the civil liability» of the half a million euros to which the criminal was sentenced and which has not yet been satisfied.

However, she stated that her main interest is to protect herself from the «clear intention» to «hurt» people close to Gabriel Cruz by «telling a new version of what happened.»

Patricia Ramírez stated in the May appearance that she had enough evidence to know that in recent months a producer, whose name she refused to reveal, would be preparing a «real crime,» for which he would have obtained interviews with Ana Julia Quezada.

The mother of «pescaíto» expressed her intention to file a criminal complaint for alleged bribery against prison officials, who allegedly facilitated these interviews «without permission» from their superiors, and other individuals related to the prisoner «outside the prison,» as well as against Ana Julia Quezada and the Prison Institutions, subsidiarily.

Since then, she has launched a campaign under the slogan «Our fish are not for sale» aimed at protecting the image of minors who have been involved in serious events thanks to the production of docuseries and dramas that relive these events.


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