Pide al juez investigar subvenciones de grupo vinculado a Begoña Gómez: Hazte Oír

Pide al juez investigar subvenciones de grupo vinculado a Begoña Gómez: Hazte Oír

«Make Yourself Heard», one of the platforms exercising popular prosecution in the «Begoña Gómez case», requested the investigating judge to look into state subsidies worth 8 million euros allegedly received by a business group -Adalid Inmark- where, according to their version, a company managed by the wife of the President of the Government was located.

This is stated in an extension of the complaint, obtained by Europa Press, in which the mentioned platform details that the Inmark Group is a holding company that included Task Force SA, where Begoña Gómez was the director. It explains that Inmark absorbed Task Force and was later acquired by Adalid Inmark, which then changed its name to Adalid Servicios Corporativos SL.

The letter focuses on the fact that Adalid Inmark allegedly received 24 million in subsidies starting from 2020, of which 8 million came from the State. «Out of the 8 million granted by the State, 6 were in 2023, an abnormal figure considering previous calls and years,» it adds.

A chart included in the letter indicates that Adalid Inmark also received subsidies from up to 9 autonomous communities between 2020 and 2024: Community of Madrid (5.4 million), Castilla y León (2.6 million), Castilla-La Mancha (72,000 euros), Canarias (2.3 million), Comunidad Valenciana (1.9 million), Extremadura (856,000 euros), Galicia (543,000 euros), Principado de Asturias (227,000 euros), and Región de Murcia (1.5 million).

The legal department of «Make Yourself Heard» points out, however, that Adalid Inmark benefited on May 24th from a «grant and cash handout without compensation of 500,000 euros from the Ministry of Industry» within a program called «Digital Generation: Agents of Change.»

It is worth mentioning that on the same date, another company under investigation for allegedly obtaining public contracts -The Valley Digital Business School- received a subsidy of 4 million euros in another state program called «IMM Digital Generation: People in Management Teams and Qualification of Employees in SMEs.»

This plea, in the extension of the lawsuit, also requests the judge to hear testimonies from individuals such as the former CEO of Globalia Javier Hidalgo and the director of Wakalua -a Globalia subsidiary- Leticia Lauffer.

It is important to note that the medical union Manos Médicas presented a report focusing on two grants awarded to Globalia -owner of the airline Air Europa- amounting to 475 and 320 million euros that «the Council of Ministers approved without going through the control. that most companies have gone through» to benefit from a fund to support the solvency of strategic companies in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

This extension of the complaint adds to the initial one presented by the same platform, as well as those filed by the political party Vox and even by Manos Médicas, who initially filed the complaint that led to the opening of the case in the Instruction Court No. 41 of Madrid against Begoña Gómez for alleged crimes of influence peddling and corporate corruption.


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