Médico del SUMMA 112 de Madrid salva vida de paciente en día libre

Médico del SUMMA 112 de Madrid salva vida de paciente en día libre

«Your job in life is to save lives, even when you’re not working.» This is how Carmen Mendoza, an emergency doctor at SUMMA 112 and currently the medical deputy director of the Emergency Medical Service of the Community of Madrid, explains what happened to her on Sunday, November 19, 2023. That morning she was not working and was getting ready to go for a walk and have a drink with her husband when she heard cries for help coming from a nearby house. As she approached, she found her neighbor, Julián, lying unconscious and breathing in agony, moments before suffering a cardiac arrest. Immediately, Carmen started CPR while calling 1-1-2 again to communicate with her healthcare colleagues at the Emergency and Emergency Coordination Center and inform them that she had started CPR in time, which reached the healthcare resources: an Advanced Life Support unit and the head of the shift. The Municipal Police of the town of Arganda del Rey, where the events took place, also mobilized a patrol with a semi-automatic defibrillator (AED). The entire healthcare chain worked successfully, Julián fully recovered and had the opportunity to personally thank Carmen: «If it weren’t for Carmen and her husband, I wouldn’t be here,» he says.



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